Solid majorities see Democratic leadership as liberal, not moderate

A new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen shows that solid majorities of voters view Washington Democratic leadership as liberal instead of moderate, contrary to most news media portrayals of incoming President Joe Biden and Vice Kamala Harris as centrists. 

Just 21% of voters survey in the poll rated Biden as “moderate,” while a14% said likewise about Harris. Fifty-five percent and 65% of the voters rated those the politicians, respectively, as “liberal.”

Just 15% of the voters viewed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as moderate, while 58% see her as liberal. Half of voters saw Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer as liberal, as well. 


Just the News Poll: Are they conservative moderate or liberal

Just the News Daily Poll

RMG Research

Most news media outlets have largely portrayed Biden and Harris as left-of-center.

CNN editor Chris Cillizza last year described Biden as a “moderate institutionalist,” while the New York Times in August claimed  Harris is a “pragmatic moderate.”

The website GovTrack in 2019 ranked Harris as its “most politically left” senator.

Click here to see this poll’s cross-demographic tabulations.

Click here to see this poll’s methodology and sample demographics.

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