Sen. Graham says GOP members legitimizing impeachment process are damaging America and the GOP

Sen. Lindsey Graham on Wednesday condemned the effort underway to impeach President Trump and said that GOP lawmakers legitimizing the process are inflicting damage upon the nation and their own party.

“To my Republican colleagues who legitimize this process, you are doing great damage not only to the country, the future of the presidency, but also to the party,” Graham said in a statement.

The House of Representatives is expected to vote in favor of impeaching the president. Multiple House Republicans, including the House Republican Conference Chair Rep. Liz Cheney, plan to vote to impeach.

“Supporting the impeachment of President Trump under these circumstances will do great damage to the institutions of government and could invite further violence at a time the President is calling for calm,” Graham said in the statement.

“The process being used in the House to impeach President Trump is an affront to any concept of due process and will further divide the country,” said the South Carolina Republican who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee. “The House impeachment process seeks to legitimize a snap impeachment totally void of due process. No hearings. No witnesses. It is a rushed process that, over time, will become a threat to future presidents,” he said.

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